Website Maintenance

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

With our post-launch maintenance plan you can rest assured that your website will remain online and your customers will enjoy top-notch browsing speeds, no matter how much traffic you throw at it.

Domain & Hosting

Leave your domain and hosting to us. Your domain will automatically renew to ensure your website never goes down due to lapsed domain payment. With our dedicated servers you can rest assured your website will stay online with our 99.9% uptime guarantee. Anticipating a surge in traffic? No problem, with your website hosted securely on our servers you can be sure that no matter how much traffic you throw at it your customers will always enjoy top of the line browsing speeds.

Regular Database Backups

Why is it so important to perform regular database backups?

1. Storing the original development site isn't enough.

When we develop your website we do so on a development server, before launching your website on your live server we back up all of the code files as well as the content in the database, you may think that's enough to protect you. Since all of our websites are integrated with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) you will be making changes to your website over time, changes which won't be reflected in the original backup files.

2. You need to be ready to react quickly.

Having an up to date back up in place will allow you to restore to a previous version or get back online quickly after a mishap. There are many reasons why you need to get your website back online quickly including loss of income and potential search engine optimization (SEO) penalties.

3. Peace of mind.

Everyone loves having peace of mind, and when the topic is whether or not your website is online, peace of mind should be extra important. With regular database backups your can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, whether its a deleted section of a page you need to recover or your entire website goes down, we will be able to quickly step in and take care of it.

Security Updates

Your website is your brand, your storefront, and often your first contact with customers. If it's not safe and secure, those critical business relationships can be compromised. The threats can come in many forms – infecting a website with malware in order to spread that malware to site visitors, stealing customer information, like names and email addresses, stealing credit card and other transaction information, adding the website to a botnet of infected sites, and even hijacking or crashing the site.

A single security breach could be a death-knell for a small business. Most states now have strict data breach laws, and many come with stiff fines, penalties, and other costs. Even if a security breach at a small business website doesn't trigger a data breach, it can still have a huge impact on customer trust if customers find out about it.

An unprotected website is a security risk to customers, other businesses, and public/government sites. It allows for the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, and even attacks against national targets and infrastructure. In many of these attacks, hackers will try to harness the combined power of thousands of computers and sites to launch this attacks, and the attacks rarely lead directly back to the hackers.